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You have reached this page because you have requested to learn more about the upcoming transition of an application that you are currently using into a new security portal known as the Kentucky Online Gateway (KOG). The Kentucky Department of Insurance’s eServices application is being transitioning to KOG.

The Kentucky Department of Insurance’s eServices is used by Individuals, Business Entities, Insurers, and Continuing Education Providers to conduct insurance licensing actions within the Commonwealth. There are over 300,000 users with eServices accounts and they can perform a variety of activities including:

  • Reviewing license information and account profiles
  • Submitting requests for additional license certificates, clearance/certification letters, address changes, name changes, etc…
  • Complete license renewals
  • Printing licenses and ID cards
  • Submitting Annual Statement Filings
  • Submitting Quarterly Taxes
  • Submitting Course Rosters and Individual Course Completions
  • Submitting Unlicensed Adjusters for Catastrophic Losses (Form 8307)

The Kentucky Department of Insurance regulates the Commonwealth's insurance market, licenses agents and other insurance professionals, monitors the financial condition of companies, educates consumers to make wise choices, and ensures Kentuckians are treated fairly in the marketplace. eServices plays a major role in making this happen.

What is KOG?

The Kentucky Online Gateway is the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM) and web Single Sign-On (SSO) Platform. That is just a fancy description for the software system designed to keep your data safe and to let you easily connect to the business applications that you frequently use.

Creating a Kentucky Online Gateway (KOG) Account is easy and requires a minimal amount of information. The provided information is then stored securely in a centralized location until it is needed by an application that you are wanting to access.

Why was KOG created?

The Kentucky Online Gateway was created to enable citizens and business partners to easily access multiple applications while using a single account. This prevents users from having to manage multiple sets of credentials (usernames and passwords) in addition to different sets of account profile information across multiple applications.

What are some of the benefits of KOG?

Single Sign-On (SSO) – Access to Multiple Applications using a Single Account.

Improved Security – Enhanced security controls keep your account safe and your information securely stored.

Easy Account Creation – Create an account in less than 5 minutes with a minimal amount of information required.

Password Management and Recovery – Easily reset or retrieve your password using your email address or mobile phone.

Keeps Systems in Sync – Your account profile information is stored in a central location, so updates made within the Kentucky Online Gateway (KOG) can be synced to all other applications that you access using your account.